We’re committed to quality, transparent trade execution. Our technology boasts 18ms average execution speeds and spreads as low as 0.8pips.


Our focus is on your trading experience—that’s why we were voted #1 Overall Broker by ForexBrokers.com.1 Check out our forex trade execution statistics, currency prices, and multiple awards.

Trades executed in less than 1 second


of trades executed in less than one second in percentage

Average execution speed


(0.018 secs) time between order ticket and execution2

Minimum spreads on major pairs like EUR/USD


pips on top pairs


Access 80+ forex pairs, including spreads as low as 0.8pips and leverage as high as 50-to-1.

Major currencies


Prices above are subject to our website terms and conditions, and are indicative only.

Award-winning platform1

We’re excited to announce ForexBrokers.com has chosen us as a #1 overall broker.

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  • Fast execution on a huge range of markets

  • Trade on the go with an award-winning trading app1

  • Feel secure with a trusted provider

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  • Fast execution on a huge range of markets

  • Trade on the go with an award-winning trading app1

  • Feel secure with a trusted provider


Our systems are built to handle a large volume of forex trades very quickly, and our robust platforms are engineered to handle large volumes of traffic.

Forex markets can move in milliseconds, meaning the price you click to trade on may have changed by the time your order reaches us.

tastyfx's order management system will never fill you at a level worse than the one you requested—however, your order may be rejected.

  • A symmetrical tolerance level is set a certain distance either side of your requested price—if the market stays within this range by the time we receive your order, your order will be executed at the level you requested. If you submit a market order it will be filled in the size and price available in the underlying market when we receive it.

Should the price move outside this range, we will do one of two things:

  • If the market moves to a better level for you, our price improvement technology will ensure you receive it.

  • If the price moves beyond our tolerance in the opposite direction, we'll reject the order and ask you to resubmit at the current level.

We do these checks to ensure the price your order is filled at is consistent with the current price that is available to our clients.

We source our prices from a large number of venues to make sure we give you the best price we can:

  • Our forex prices are sourced from top global banks and exchanges

  • This means you get greater liquidity and can access some of the best prices from around the globe

  • We constantly monitor the underlying markets, so when spreads are low we pass them on to you by offering our minimum spread

All our platforms use top-level web security, so you can trade with confidence.

We utilize 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which is the industry standard for online financial transactions, from PayPal and eBay to commercial banks.

1 #1 Overall Broker, #1 Mobile App, #1 Trust Score, #1 Education, #1 Web Platform are accolades presented to IG, parent company of tastyfx, on January 23, 2024, during the ForexBrokers.com 2024 Annual Awards. Accolades were awarded by the ForexBrokers.com research team based on demonstrated excellence in categories considered important to investors, traders, and consumers. Click here to learn about how they rate brokers.

2 Average execution speed calculated using a 3-month average ending 3/31/24